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Bookworm Square


Grade Level: Through 2nd grade

Objective: To help children learn to read with interactive lessons, books, and activities.

Starfall has an easy-to-follow curriculum that allows you to be as flexible or as structured as you want in teaching your child from the four progressive sections: 1) ABCs – Getting ready to read, 2) Learning to read, 3) It’s fun to read, and 4)I’m reading! It’s one of the best free resources available online for helping your child learn how to read.

Other resources are also available for Parents, Educators, and Homeschool.  These include math resources and free downloads!


Teach Your Monster to Read

Grade Level: Through 2nd grade

Objective: To review and strengthen basic reading skills.

“Create a monster and take it on an adventure through a magical world. Travel to exciting places, meet fun characters, play games and win prizes as your monster learns the first steps of reading.”

“[It] is a series of games that help[s] children to master the key first stages of reading… Teach Your Monster to Read is completely free to play on desktop and laptop computers.”


Into the Book

Grade Level: 2nd and up

Objective: To increase reading comprehension though interactive lessons.

“Into the Book is a reading comprehension resource for elementary students and teachers. We focus on eight research-based strategies: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluating and Synthesizing.”



Scribe Square


Grade Level: 2nd and up

Objective: To assist children in writing stories inspired by art.

Storybird is a site with simple tools that allow you to choose from a large collection of inspiring art to create your own unique story.

Write: “Your words. Our art. Amazing stories.  Simple tools help you build books in minutes. Let the art inspire and surprise you as you write. Readers will encourage you along the way.”

Read: “Fill your bookshelf with endless possibilities.  Storybird has any type of book for any type of reader. Follow along as memorable stories emerge. Comment on books you enjoy to interact with their creators.”

Discover: “A safe, positive community for creativity.  Find favorite new books and authors. Find new friends from across the globe, and discover their stories too. See Storybird used in creative new ways every day.”

Share: “The world needs more stories — your stories.  And your poetry, too! Make and share your creations with Lark, an iOS poetry app by Storybird.”



Historian Square

Primary History

Grade Level: Kindergarten through 8th

Objective: To help children learn about history through fun facts, photographs, and activities.

Primary history covers six major historical time periods. The sections contained within each time period are short, making it easy to learn, understand, and stay interested! In addition, the site includes photographs and fun activities to help engage your child and increase their retention of the material.



Scientist Square

Student Science

Grade Level: 3rd and up

Objective: To share current science news articles.

For a versatile resource featuring articles concerning science news today, “Science News for Students” is excellent! You can focus on any of the variety of regularly updated articles that suit your homeschooling needs. Many of the articles are short, so you can choose to study the topic more in-depth through the reference links. There are also “Power Words” included at the end of each article to help build vocabulary skills!


General Education

Khan Academy

Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Objective: To teach subjects such as math, science, and humanities.

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a world-class education for anyone anywhere. Students can make use of the extensive library of free content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos.

Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Objective: To “empower parents and teachers to help their children build essential skills and excel.” provides lots of free resources including worksheets, games, lesson plans, and more!  “From school teachers and tutors to home schoolers and parents, engaged adults are the key to unlocking each child’s potential and drive to learn. We empower all kinds of educators to teach kids by providing the best educational resources in any form or device to be used at home, at school, and everywhere in-between.”


BBC Bitesize

Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Objective: To teach all subjects.

BBC Bitesize is a free educational resource provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation.  Although it is specifically tailored to school curriculum in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, Bitesize’s wide variety of subjects are also beneficial for home school use.



Grade Level: All Grade Levels

Objective: To give answers to questions we might wonder about.

Wonderopolis is a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Wonders will help you find learning moments in everyday life—ones that fit in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, a stolen moment between breakfast and the bus, or within school curriculum and education programs.


Sheppard Software

Grade Level: All grade levels

Objective: To teach all subjects in a fun way.

From games to puzzles, articles to quizzes, Sheppard Software is an awesome free learning website! “At our site, we have hundreds of free, online, educational games for kids. But anyone interested in online learning can use our site – we have so many subjects – (geography, math, animals, science) and many levels, games, and activities for learners of any age.”


Turtle Diary

Grade Level: Through 5th grade

Objective: To teach all subjects in a fun way.

Turtle Diary is “a unique collection of interactive and fun educational games. Children learn important concepts that focus on specific skills that are challenging, yet age appropriate. Games and activities are created by well-qualified teachers and educators who believe that learning should be easy and fun. The concepts are reinforced with the help of fun and educational activities.”


Science, Math, and English for Kids 

Grade Level: Through 5th grade

Objective: To teach Science, Math, and English in a fun way.

Enjoy a wide range of free teaching resources including interactive activities, lesson plans, and videos!



Simply Charlotte Mason 

Resource For: Curriculum

Grade Level: Through 12th grade

Objective: To naturally teach all subjects using classic literature, resources, and practices.

“Whether you’re looking for great living books, a free Book of Centuries, ideas for narration… dictation exercises, free manuscript copywork, or a free curriculum guide, Simply Charlotte Mason is here to save you time and keep you organized.”

“Here at SCM, we encourage you to teach all your children together for as many subjects as possible. Our free curriculum guide will give you detailed book lists and resource recommendations to enjoy a feast of Charlotte Mason-style studies. Use it as is or simply as a starting point to customize a delightful plan for your family.”


The Good & the Beautiful 

Resource For: Curriculum

Grade Level: Through 4th grade

Objective: To teach children strong morals within a complimentary curriculum.

An inspired Homeschool Curriculum developed by Jenny Phillips.  This link will redirect you to her site where you can download the course PDFs for FREE!

The Good & the Beautiful curriculum is designed to foster a true love of learning while teaching strong and advanced academics. The images and artwork, the exercises and assignments, and the literature used are all designed to connect children to the good and the beautiful: family, God, high moral character, and the wonders and beauty of nature and human life. This one-of-a-kind, non-denominational curriculum was created by author, songwriter, teacher, and home school mom Jenny Phillips with the input of reading specialists, teachers, and home school parents.”




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