An Introduction to LLCUS

Living Learning’s Chronological Unit Studies (LLCUS) are meant to be completed in two 6-year courses over a span of 12 years.  You can read more about these two courses, the Foundation Course and the Structure Course, below.

reading_16162_smFoundation Course

The first 6-year course should establish a strong foundational overview of all subjects through the LLCUS.  This strong foundation should be built primarily with group study and activities, and secondarily upon independent study and activities.  Together, the parent and child(ren) should choose materials and activities that best meet their individual needs and interests.  Group study and activities may be enjoyed as a family, even with multiple children.

Structure Course

The second 6-year course should focus deeper on specific areas of the LLCUS.  This unique structure should be built primarily upon independent study and activities.  The child should choose their own study focus, reading materials, and personal projects, all based off of the individual interests they have acquired during their Foundation Course.

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